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broom care

AND Sustainable development

broom care

  • Always hang up your broom. Put the broom on the straw side, this will considerably reduce the efficiency of the sweeping .

  • Keep your broom out of direct sunlight. These will quickly fade the beautiful colors and reduce the life of your broom.

  • If you live in a dry climate, occasionally dip the ends of the broom under the seams in hot water to restore moisture. Dry thoroughly.

  • If your broom starts to look flared, submerge it a bit in water, reshape it, and then tie it with string or a rubber band overnight. Make sure you dry it well.

  • A well-maintained broom will last for many years.

Sustainable development

  • We strive to be eco responsible at each stage of our production:

  • By producing in a short circuit, we use leather that we recycle. What makes all our models with leather unique models.

  • The "carrsway" models are also unique, with their handles worked by sculptor John Carr, and all different in their shapes and woods used. They give a whole new life to the work of the English sculptor.

  • We also dye our straw ourselves, thus making it possible to make unique colored models in small series.

  • These are slow productions, but much more rewarding than industrial production lacking in authenticity.

  • Our packaging is reduced as much as possible. Cardboard packaging can be recycled.

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