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Our clients

With our wide variety of broom types and styles, our brooms have been bought by a huge range of customers.

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Beautiful Wedding Brooms

"If a bride and groom jump over a broom together while holding hands, their marriage will be accompanied by luck."


Our gorgeous wedding brooms will be a perfect decorative element for your big day. You'll be able to customise your piece, choosing ribbons, straw colours, broom covers and even custom sleeves to make sure it fits with your theme.

New Home Gifts

"To be lucky, always get a new broom when you move into a new home."


We work with a number of amazing real estate agents, who welcome their client's into their new homes with a truly one of a kind gift. What better way to leave a lasting impression.


Decoration & Tableware Stores

"To make sure your meal is good, put a broom under your dining room table while you cook."


We work with a number of interior design and furniture shops, providing them with a range of linen-covered brooms with coloured handles and recycled leather - guaranteed to be a bestseller.

Drugstores, Garden Centers & DIY Stores

"One straw is not enough to sweep an entire house."


Our brooms aren't only made to look good, they're also hardwearing and strong. Our largest brush is made with up to 1kg of straw, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor working.

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Art Markets

Thanks to the detailed and precise work we do at La Balaiterie, we have been recognized as Craftsmen of Rare Art.


We're also proud to be listed in the Official Directory of Crafts of France (INMA). What does this mean? Well it means you know that when you buy from us you get a piece that is guaranteed to be hand grafted, high quality and sustainable.

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