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Our History


The History of Broom Making

Brooms have been around for an extremely long time, but it wasn't until the 19th century that the first Sorghum straw broom was created.


Shortly after the introduction of the Sorghum plant in the South and South West of France, the first broom of its kind was painstakingly hand-crafted out of a few straw strands. Then, one bright spark came up with the idea of introducing a handle - making it even easier to use.


Following the end of the second world war and the Industrial revolution, suddenly broom makers had a wealth of machinery at their fingertips to help them with their craft. This brought with it brushes that were more elaborate, hardwearing and essentially the product we know and love today.

The Story of La Balaiterie

Our story begins in St Chaptes over 45 years ago.


For decades, the Dussere company was passed on from father to son, until Mr Dussere retired in 2021 - closing the broom factory's doors permanently.


8 years later, along came Marie-Laure and Arnaud Gabriel, who had seen and fallen in love with Mr Dussere's products.


So, they decided to take a leap, purchase his machinery and learn this intricate craft from the man himself.


Thus, with La Balaiterie the legendary straw broom was once again brought to life, combining traditional broom making with a breath of modernity.


Manufacturing using local, sustainably sourced wood and straw fibres cultivated just next door to their workshop, they're now known for designing sustainable, all-natural products that brighten up everyday tasks.​


Acknowledged in the register of Rare Crafts in France, La Balaiterie are currently the only craftsman to master every step of the production line, from cultivation, to drying, ginning, dyeing the straw, and assembly.

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