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Balaitier, an old profession
which continues in Normandy

La Balaiterie, an artisanal sorghum broom company, is established in Rainfreville near Dieppe in Normandy.


At the head of the small business, we find a couple, Marie-Laure and Arnaud Gabriel. They ditched everything to embark on the manufacture of original, colorful and customizable brooms, but above all handmade. The explanations of Marie-Laure and Arnaud Gabriel. 

La Bel' France Visuels Tapettes à Mouches L 2.jpg

They've really swept up their lives. Arnaud and Marie-Laure Gabriel wanted to change their life and work at home in Rainfreville near Dieppe in Normandy. It is now done. Since last January, they are certainly the last sorghum brooms in France. A profession, which they discovered a bit by chance, following a meeting with a craftsman in the Gard, Mr Dussere who was retiring. The Dussere company had been in existence for 45 years and was renowned for its artisanal sorghum straw brooms. She was also one of the last in France to exercise this activity. From the production of straw, through the design of brooms and other brushes, to the sale,  Arnaud and Marie-Laure master everything from A to Z. 

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